Still deciding on your wedding bouquet flowers & how you can preserve them once the big day is over? 

If you would like to have your bouquet pressed and framed using our service, please refer to the below guide on the process.

From which flowers press well to how long it will take to receive your very own piece of floral art!

Florals we love to Press

Naturally flat flowers & leaves with a single-ply. 

The following list is inexhaustible but these are what we love to use.

Of course please get in touch if you have any specific florals in mind.

Cow Parsley

Forget me Not
Gypsophylia (Baby's Breath)

Mint flower

Pampas Grass
Queen Anne's Lace

Roses (De-constructed)
Star flowers
Sweet peas



Florals we cannot press

Usually large flouncy, bulbous blooms do not press well.

Most white flowers brown very easily so are not advised.


Bird of Paradise



Gerber Daisies



Lillies (Asiatic / Calla/ Oriental)

Lilly of the Valley





Passion flower




White Roses

White Lillies

Q: How long will the framed flowers keep?

A: Your pressed flowers will keep for many years to come (Decades)! As we do not chemically treat the flowers, they will naturally fade and age beautifully over time. Keeping the framed pressed florals out of direct sunlight / direct heat & humidity are the best conditions.

Q: How long will it take to receive my finished frame?

A: Once your flowers are received they are immediately pressed using our traditional technique which takes approximately 8 weeks. Once the flowers are completely pressed you will be emailed with 3 composition layouts to choose from & also you can select / confirm the frame size/ finish at this point. Once you have selected a layout your custom made frame will be made and arranged. This complete process up until shipping will take approx 12 weeks. Due to the process & care taken, we cannot rush orders.

Q: How soon do you need the flowers after the event?

A: The sooner the better! Within 1-3 days will mean the flowers are in the best shape for pressing. Keep the flowers in water whenever possible prior to shipping. The result of the pressing really does depend on the condition the flowers are received in. We advise making arrangements ahead of the event to ship / drop off the bouquet to us the day after the event. Alternatively you can have your florist ship a duplicate bouquet to us to guarantee the best condition of the flowers and that's one less thing to think about after the wedding!

Q: What's the best way to get the bouquet / flowers to Divinity Florals?

A: Royal Mail special delivery service is easiest & reliable. Sending your flowers is easy - we will email you packing instructions once your bespoke order booking is confirmed. Please decide how/ who will ship your flowers to us as this may be the last thing you want to do the day after the wedding! Alternatively, we can arrange a collection with a courier at a fee of £25.00.

We will always do our best to accommodate last minute arrangements :)

Q: What are the framing options?

A: Frame options are: Ash, Maple, Oak, White or Black matt finish. All materials are responsibly sourced FSC certified wood.

Frames are custom made to order. 

Frame size options are: Small (30cm x 30cm) Medium (30cm x 40cm) or Large (40cm x 50cm)

For any alternative options not shown please get in touch. 

Q: What is the pricing?

A: Once you make an enquiry, the pricing will be sent to you. Prices start at £190 and go up to £260.

Shipping your finished frame to you is charged additionally at £15.00.

As these are custom made frames & we can only take on so many commissions, a £50.00 non-refundable deposit will be due upon confirmation of the order.

The final balance is due once your frame is ready to ship. Payments are to be made via bank transfer or PayPal.

These details will be emailed to you on confirmation.  

Q: What are the design options?

A: Once your florals are pressed (Up to 8 weeks from receiving) you will be contacted via email with 3 composition designs to choose from. Please note that any further design changes will be charged at £20 per design change. 

Q: How are the flowers pressed / preserved?

A: The final framed piece is contemporary, however the preservation process is rather traditional!

I use a wooden press method to press your florals with no chemical preservatives whatsoever.

Your flowers will change slightly in shape & colour being pressed. Divinity florals captures your bouquets essence rather than artificially freezing them in time. 

Q: Do you take other custom orders that are not Bridal?

A: Yes! We love collaborating and are happy to take on any requests you may have, just get in touch! 

We also offer remembrance floral custom frames, which works similarly to the bouquet service.

Please get in touch to discuss further.