Preserving your Bridal bouquet / flowers from your special day.
Divinity florals offers a bespoke service to create your very own unique piece of contemporary art.
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Divinity Florals offers a bespoke and personal service in bouquet preservation.

Your bridal bouquet is lovingly pressed, arranged & framed, creating a unique keepsake of your special day.

Fill in our enquiry form and you will receive framing options & pricing.

See below details of the bouquet preservation process.

*Kindly note this is a UK only service.


To press your flowers successfully they must be as fresh as possible, preferably within 1-3 days of your wedding day.

We advise making shipping arrangements of your bouquet well ahead of your big day. Packing & shipping instructions of your bouquet will be confirmed upon your booking.

The pressing technique used is a traditional & chemical-free process.

This takes approx 6-8 weeks (depending on the type of flowers).

Please note flowers can change in colour & shape when pressed.

Not all flowers press well! Please look at the FAQ's page to find out which flowers press well and what we cannot press for this service.







 White or Black (matt) 

Small (30 x 30 cm)

 Medium (30 x 40 cm)

 Large (40 x 50 cm)

*For alternative sizes/ finishes please get in touch.

Frames are handmade to order & materials are responsibly sourced FSC certified wood.






When your flowers are completely pressed, you will be contacted with 3 composition designs to choose from.

Think light, airy & contemporary.


Your chosen design will then be prepared and framed!

Please allow approximately 12 weeks in total (from pressing to final framing & dispatching).

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Materials used to make our custom made wooden frames is FSC certified, meaning it is sourced from well-managed forests.

For each bespoke frame ordered we will donate to plant a tree in the UK through the Woodland Trust organisation. 

Because #EveryTreeCounts in the battle against climate change.